Google Launches 8-Bit Maps As April Fools’ Wheeze

Google has launched its 8-bit version of Maps on Sunday, according to a recent report published by CNET News. Since the launching date was set on April the 1st, the Internet company has transformed their promotional campaign into an April Fools’ wheeze.

Google has always been portrayed as a very serious company, especially since their social network has failed to attract as many users as developers would have liked. It was precisely this image that the firm attempted to change with the help of their recent launch of the 8-bit Maps program for Nintendo Entertainment System.

The video that the company created portrays various Google employees explaining why Maps 8-bit is important for Nintendo Entertainment System. They look very sober throughout the entire video while explaining the advantages that Google’s new product offers to its users. According to Google Maps software engineer, Tatsuo Nomura, the team used more than one thousand servers in order to avoid the limitations of the NES. He further stated that 8-bit Maps are generated in real time by Google’s cloud, but the image on the screen shows a low-resolution map of the world.

The most entertaining part of the video is, however, the demonstration that Google has made using a Japanese family. The three individuals in the video, father, mother and sister seem to take the instructions very seriously as they even blow the cartridge to “fix bugs”. They all seem very satisfied with the 8-bit Maps even though the product is not as good as everyone would have expected.

Nomura continues presenting the characteristics of Google Maps 8-bit as if they were truly innovative. He mentions the low resolution of the maps, the timeless soundtrack of the program and the “intuitive controls”.

Besides proving that Google employees have humor, the video manages to trigger viewers’ curiosity, who will most likely test the trial version of the program. Google’s Maps 8-bit version will be available in stores later this year, was the information that Nomura provided us at the end of the video.

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