Google is Developing its Own Uber Competitor

It is no longer a secret that Google Ventures invested in August 2013 more than 257 dollars in Uber. It was the largest investment deal ever made by the search giant’s venture capital arm. As everyone knows, Uber, faces in the most recent period adversaries that include litigious drivers, dubious regulators, well-funded rivals and hostile members of the press. However, looks like the most significant threat for this app-based transportation company is one of its biggest and important investors: Google.

Back when Google Ventures made that incredible investment, everybody thought that the tech giant will team closely with Uber, or why not, acquire it. Do not forget that Google’s chief legal officer and senior vice president of corporate development, David Drummond, has joined the Uber board of directors in 2013, and is there ever since. Now, analysts think that Google and Uber are looking more like ferocious competitors than like a team or allies. 

Google plans to offer its own ride-hailing service, probably with its most expected driverless car project. According to the Uber board, David Drummond has informed the app-based transportation company about Google’s intentions. The Uber executives are aware that Google tests a Google ride-sharing app that is used for the moment by Google employees. Due to this situation, rumors are saying that the Uber board is intending to ask Richard Drummond’s to resign from their company. However, it looks like Uber is moving fast and they teamed up with Carnegie Mellon University to develop their own autonomous vehicle technology. This news was announced on Monday by the company.

Google didn’t try to hide their intentions to revolutionize transportation with autonomous vehicles. Larry Page, the Chief Executive Officer, declared that its biggest challenge is to make cities operate more efficiently. He also said that the driverless car technology is from three to five years from being ready for widespread use. Chris Urmson, the Google executive in charge of the project, declared in a conference that: “We’re thinking a lot about how in the long-term, this might become useful in people’s lives, and there are a lot of ways we can imagine this going.” “One is in the direction of the shared vehicle. The technology would be such that you can call up the vehicle and tell it where to go and then have it take you there.”

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