Google, Facebook most accessed in 2011

CNET analysts have compared the numbers provided by each company to determine which were the most visited Internet destinations in 2011. Based on the calculations they have made, Google and Facebook were the most accessed networks in 2011. Read more to find out the rest of the classification.

There is but one conclusion we may draw based on the recent data provided by online companies: Internet users are more interested in making searches than being social on the Web. However, the two percentages are very close, which shows that Facebook has become more important in 2011 than it used to be in the previous years. If the social network continues to attract users with more innovative applications, Facebook may equal or exceed Google’s popularity in the future.

In 2011, Google registered 153.4 million average unique visitors per month. The second position in the “Top 10 U.S. Web Brands in 2011” was occupied by Facebook with 137.6 million unique visitors per month. Yahoo! is still strong, taking the third position of the classification with 130 million visitors.

When it comes to social networks the leading position is occupied by Facebook with the aforementioned traffic. Blogger comes the second with 45 million visitors, whereas Twitter and WordPress barely exceed 20 million per month occupying the third and the fourth positions, respectively. The newly launched Google+ needs a while to become popular among Internet users. The social network was placed on the 8 position of the classification due to its 8 million visitors.

“Top 10 U.S. Online Destinations for Video” confirmed our belief that You Tube is the most accessed video destination. The Web platform averaged 111 million unique visitors per month. The second most visited destination for this category was VEVO with 34 million viewers and the third place was once again occupied by Facebook with 29 million a month.

Those who have smartphones will be happy to hear that CNET analysts have also compared the most popular devices to determine the “Top 5 Smartphone Device Manufacturers”. According to them, Apple is the most popular manufacturer with 29%, followed by HTC with 21%. RIM BlackBerry is in front of Samsung and Motorola (11%) with 17%.

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