Google Debuts Maps Engine API For Cloud-Based Maps

CNET News informs that Google has launched its Maps Engine API, the first customized, cloud-based maps. The program can be used with any type of apps, even with those that have business applicability.

The new API that Google has created for its Maps Engine will give users the possibility to create as many apps as they like. These will be hosted by the company’s cloud service, according to the declaration that the Internet giant has made on early Thursday. The Maps Engine has been designed taking into account the structure of the Google Earth Builder program which allowed Google’s cloud infrastructure to store their own maps and routes.

The cloud service may also be used by consumers to share their personalized Google Maps with other employees, clients and the public, in general. API is compatible with all the popular operating systems, including Web, Android, iOS, so it will be the link that developers were looking for in order to edit their geospatial data in Maps Engine.

The data that is contained in API can be easily modified due to the HTTP library. This is possible because the Maps Engine API is a RESTful API where all requests must be made using the HTTP language. The JavaScript Object Notation format is the only one that is incompatible with Google’s API client libraries.

Jen Kovnats, Google’s product manager, told the press that the new API could be used for business purposes. He provided the example of FedEx which uses API to quickly find their 50,000 retail locations, whereas IRIS is used to track underground pipelines. His declaration was complemented by the one provided by the FedEx IT Manager, Pat Doyle, who explained in a separate blog post that API may be used to connect to other Google services, such as, Google Street View for instance.

The custom-made Maps Engine API is not available for free. Interesting customer will have to contact the company in order to sign up for the new service.

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