Google Chromebooks to Become More Popular

It seems that the popularity of the Google Chromebook keeps on growing. This has even made Microsoft feel threatened, at least this is what analysts seem to believe. 

Google has made quite a good decision when the company choose to invest in these inexpensive laptops, which are powered by Google’s Chrome OS. Now, analysts seem to believe that these devices are actually becoming a major threat for Microsoft and its presence in the laptop market. 

Google made the decision to release the Chromebook last year. Back then, the company announced that Lenovo and HP have joined Samsung and Acer in this project. Google Chromebooks became quite popular very fast. Actually, they now represent no less than 21 percent of all US notebook sales. 

In fact, CNN reported that the popularity of the Chromebook became so impressive that it was even able to outsell the Apple Macbook. However, this popularity is only registered in the United States, at least for now. Still, Google seems to be quite sure that the fame of its laptop will become bigger all over the world and this will soon be visible in sales, the company hopes. 

Well, Microsoft seems to be very aware of the potential growth that Chromebooks might represent, while this can actually turn out being a huge threat for them. Actually, Microsoft has even went on to conduct an anti-Google advertising campaign, using the cast of Pawn Stars to claim that the device is a brick. The anti-campaign, Scroogled, actually indicated that this is not a real laptop, so it is worth nothing. 

However, it seems that people like this Google product. On the other hand, Microsoft has tried to maintain its popularity on the market, but PC sales for this company have stagnated for quite some time. Microsoft claimed that they are maintaining the high quality of their laptops, even though this might mean higher costs. On the other hand, the Chromebooks are trying to show clients that high-end, but expensive devices, are no longer needed today. 

Still, the Chromebook represents only a very small percentage of laptop sales. However, the growth potential is impressive and this is what scares Microsoft.

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