Godmother Of Cocaine Griselda Blanco Was Assassinated

Florida Vice is very familiar with Griselda Blanco. In the end she’s the one called the godmother of cocaine and the woman behind the Florida drug empire. 69-year-old godmother of cocaine, Griselda Blanco, was assassinated this week in Colombia by a motorbike gunman.

When the empire of the godmother of cocaine was at its peak, some 3,400 lbs of cocaine would be shipped a month. Griselda Blanco set the standard for Miami’s 1970s “cocaine cowboys” and baffled authorities all over the United States for surviving jail and threats until age 69.

According to Colombia’s El Espectador, godmother of cocaine Griselda Blanco was killed Monday by an assassin on a motorbike. Griselda Blanco was shot down in front of a butcher’s shop in west Medellin. Several press reports read that two men holding guns approached the 69-year-old as she exited the butcher’s shop. One of them shot her twice in the head.

Griselda Blanco had the death everybody was expecting. Shot down in the street by a motorcycle-riding assassin. The kind of assassination method she preferred herself back in the 80s.

The godmother of cocaine was deported to Colombia back in 2004 and according to her family she tried keeping a low profile. When she was assassinated, Griselda Blanco was with her pregnant daughter-in-law who told the police the godmother of cocaine was no longer in the business. Apparently, Blanco wanted to stay away from organized crime and live off the money she made from selling some properties.

Ex Miami detective Nelson Andreu told the Miami Herald it’s amazing the godmother of cocaine survived for so long. “It’s surprising to all of us she had not been killed sooner, because she made a lot of enemies” said former detective Nelson Andreu.

Former DEA director of internal operations Michael Horn believes Griselda Blanco really loved her line of work. He told the Senate in a 1997 testimony that “to foster her reputation as the Godmother of cocaine, [Blanco] named her fourth son Michael Corleone, after the fictional mob character portrayed in the movie ‘The Godfather”.

Griselda Blanco was without a doubt a ruthless woman. She went from picking pockets to queenpin, at one time just as notorious for the Drug Enforcement Administration as Pablo Escobar. She spent almost two decades behind bars in an American prison after she was convicted on drug trafficking and three murders of the 40 prosecutors claimed the godmother of cocaine was behind.

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