Givenchy presents tropical spring menswear

Riccardo Tisci, the designer of the Givenchi’s house set the trends for menswearin the spring of 2012: it is splashy tropical, it’s summer hot, it’s sexy, colorful, chic and extremely appealing to the ladies. Boys, pay attention to this!

This summer don’t be afraid to go over the line with colors and printings. This is if you want to be ahead of the Parisian fashion.  If Riccardo Tisci gave the green light, then go for it. You will make no mistake wearing tropical prints. The designer showed his latest menswear collection for the spring of 2012. The fashion show was presented June 24, in Paris. The runway was taken over by sequined kilts, militaristic postman’s blousons, strictly cut jerkins and sweat shirts in enlarged exotic prints. When asked about the trends in his new collection Tisci replied he concentrated on “Hawaii obviously, surfers and urban sportswear.” One of the main attractions of the show was the Birds of Paradise print, which was used in almost one third of the clothes. Besides the exotic birds, the audience could also enjoy the tropical flower prints with the bright colors looking like an explosion over the white cotton of the tunics.

The collection also included leather sandals with zipper like trim, chic cotton jackets and comfortable soft cotton shirts.

Tisci is known for setting the trends in menswear, offering the male population a chance to be “avant-garde. His latest collection included T-shirts with the designer’s own Rottweiler printed on them and aviator jackets. Some of the men in the audience were wearing them at the Pompidou Center where the show was held.

Being more the conservative type, men usually don’t wear bright colors and the most certainly don’t wear flower or bird printed fabrics. Only the nonconformist ones would dare to wear the Birds of Paradise on their pants. But Riccardo Tisci is definitely a godmother of the men’s fashion so, maybe you, guys, should give it a try and see how they fit. If you don’t like it, you can always blame the artist.

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