Get ready for Horrible Bosses movie

A new trailer for Horrible Bosses is out. The trailer concentrates on a horrible Kevin Spacey in a corporate suit who terrorizes Jason Bateman when he finds out that his employee calls his grandmother “Gam-Gam”.

Horrible Bosses is set to hit theaters on July 8th. An now, a new character in the movie is introduced to the public: boss Kevin Spacey. In the short peak, he gives his employee, Jason Bateman a hard time because he called his grandmother “Gam-Gam”. After announcing himself for the promotion he had promised to his employee, Spacey’s character, Dave Harken, steps out of the office as the meeting is over and Nick Hendricks (played by Jason Bateman) follows him, asking why he did not get the job. The boss tells him he is valued on the position he is occupying at the moment and Hendricks raises his voice saying that he worked extra hours and did not get to see his Gam-Gam before she died. At this point, Spacey says “I’m Sorry” and the rest is …in the video below.

Kevin Spacey’s character introduction comes after the one of the sex-crazed dentist played by Jennifer Aniston, who is constantly hitting on her assistant, played by Charlie Day.

The movie tells the story of three friends who are terrorized by their bosses. Each one has numerous things to complain about when it comes to how they are treated in their places of work. So, at one point they decide they can’t go on like that and they would be much off without them. How their plans work and how do they end-up, that’s something you will find out when watching the movie.

The cast includes Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, and Jason Bateman as the three friends. The bosses are played by Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Collin Farrell. The movie also stars Jamie Foxx, who plays Dean ‘MF’ Jones.
Horrible Bosses is directed by Seth Gordon.

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