Garmin Vivofit 2, comes with a long battery life

Probably, the most important thing at an activity tracker is its battery life. It’s no secret that battery life is very important to a gadget and we have to recognize that this chapter isn’t perfect.

Unfortunately, our gadgets, like tablets, smartphones, activity trackers and smartwatches must be charged on a nightly basis or at least at every two days. Probably, many people will want to go on a long vacation and not be forced to pack a charge. 

These days, Gamin Vivofit 2 comes with an interesting alternative to this problem. The Vivofit features a coin battery that doesn’t need to be charged at all and will last approximately one year. An interesting thing, and it also has more surprises, like that the tracker can be worn in the pool and showers and it has a nice big display, also offering personalized activity goals.

This activity tracker is available at the price of 100 dollars and is probably the highest price that a customer would pay for a wearable that doesn’t include anything extra. To be mentioned that Vivofit 2 doesn’t come with an optical heart-rate sensor or notifications from a smartphone. Customers who would like a heart-rate can opt for a bundle that includes an ANT+ chest strap. This can be paired with the Vivofit 2 and is available at the price of 130 dollars.

Garmin Vivofit 2 can measure that distance traveled, steps taken throughout the day, calories burned and the sleep at night. This new model also comes with a slight redesign over the original model. It features audible alerts, for example, it reminds users that they have been inactive for an extended period of time, but it also has a backlight and stopwatch function.

One of the best features of this activity tracker is its always-on display and it is even easy to see in direct sunlight. This function is really great, especially when the user wants to quickly check the time, because he is not forced to press a button or light his wrist. Like many other activity trackers, having a display is not always good, because this wearable is bulky, compared with Jawbone Up2.

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