Garmin’s first fitness smartwatch

Looks like Garmin’s first fitness smartwatch, called Garmin Vivoactive, is turning heads thanks to its slim design and impressive feature set. The new watch is available now for 250 dollars, its price being in line with similar products, such as Fitbit Surge and Sony Smartwatch 3. The watch can also be bundled with a wireless heart-rate strap, costing 300 dollars.

The new smartwatch from Garmin is part activity tracker, part smartwatch and part GPS sport watch. However, the watch also vibrates to notify users of incoming calls, emails, text messages and calendar and app alerts from the smartphone. Connected over Bluetooth, this watch can became an all-day use device for people and can also be used to gently wake them up in the morning. The Garmin Vivoactive is capable of tracking the distance traveled, the steps, how long the owner sleep at night and how many calories he burned. 

An interesting feature is the “Move” alert, which reminds the person who wears the watch when he is lazy. There are also more features that can measure biking workouts and running with the GPS. For measuring the heart rate, the watch needs to be paired with a separate strap accessory.

The Garmin Vivoactive has something that many other smartwatches don’t have. We are talking about GPS. This feature is a must have for many cyclists and runners and most watches that include a GPS option are bulky and big. Well, this smartwatch is an exception, because it is incredibly slim and lightweight. 

It is very comfortable, measuring 43.8 x 38.5 x 8mm and having the weight of 38 grams. An impressive performance, compared with Sony Smartwatch 3, a GSP equipped wearable, which has the weight of 65 grams and is 10mm thick, and Polar M400, with 11.5mm thick and 56 grams weight. 

Another good thing about this watch is that is has an always-on display, meaning that there is no need to touch the screen to view the time and date. The screen is not quite high-res, featuring 205×148-pixel resolution, but it gets its work done very well. The battery life will last up to three-four weeks in watch and activity tracking mode. Using the GPS signal, the watch will last up to 10 hours with an active signal. It is a very incredible performance, having under consideration the fact that is a super slim watch.

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