Freddie Mercury To Perform As ‘Optical Illusion’

Legendary rock band Queen has just released a statement announcing that Freddie Mercury will perform at their upcoming concert in London as an ‘optical illusion’. The Inquisitr claims the technique that the British band will use is very different from the hologram which brought Tupac on stage at the Coachella Festival.

Fans who are attending Queen’s concert in London on May 14 will be very happy to hear that the band has prepared a surprise for them. The spokespersons of the rock singers told the press that people will be able to see Freddie Mercury on stage again thanks to a new technology called ‘optical illusion’.

This isn’t the first time when technology brings celebrity back from the grave. In fact, a similar method was used at the Coachella Festival to allow rapper Tupac to perform on stage as a hologram. Despite this, Queen members claim that the optical illusion they have prepared for their show in May is totally different than anything people have seen so far. They, nevertheless, refused to provide further details because they want the number to be a surprise.

According to Queen guitarist Brian May, the band has been thinking of a method to bring Freddie Mercury back on stage for a long time, so their decision was not influenced by the performance at the Coachella Festival. May further added that it was unfortunate that the Tupac show was held before their concert, but they reassured everyone that their idea will be just as original. The members of the band have initially considered using a hologram, but they did not find it practical enough for eight shows a week; as a consequence, they decided to stick with the optical illusion.

Without any false modesty May described their technological trickery as much better than the hologram. He concluded his declaration by telling people that fans who will be present at the concert will have the impression that Freddie Mercury is alive.

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