Frank Martin Goes To South Carolina

ESPN confirms that the former Kansas State coach, Frank Martin agreed to take charge of the South Carolina team. The discussions between him and the Gamecocks began on Saturday, but the deal was eventually signed on Monday. Although Frank Martin did not reveal any information about his new salary, sources claim that South Carolina might have offered him $2.05 million.

Frank Martin has worked as a coach for the Kansas State since 2007 and despite the team’s good results, he accepted the offer that the Gamecocks made to him on Monday. The Rreal reason behind Martin’s decision to leave Kansas remains unknown. However, sources claim that the coach wanted to get closer to his native Miami, the place where he started his sports career. In addition, the amount of money that Martin is said to receive from South Carolina is significantly bigger than the deal he got from Kansas. The basketball coach will now receive $2.05 million as opposed to $1.45 million a year he used to have in Kansas.

Analysts think Martin is still trying to get a deal in South Florida which is why he accepted to go to South Carolina. He was interested in signing with Miami last year, but the managers of the team never called him to get an interview. As a result, he continued to coach the Wildcats and even managed to take the team to the NCAA tournament. Some analysts think Martin can no longer get along with the Kansas State administration; therefore, he took the decision to part ways with the Wildcats.

His contract with Kansas State will be interrupted as the coach received an extension prolonging the deal until 2015. South Carolina is expected to hold a press conference to communicate the details of the newly signed agreement.

Martin started his sports career in 1993 when he took his bachelor’s degree in physical education at Florida International. He first started as a basketball coach at his high school in Miami. In 2000, he joined Northeastern University as an assistant coach and later on, occupied the same position for Kansas State. In 2007, he was named head coach at the Wildcats. He is very appreciated for the support he shows to young talented players who have poor financial possibilities.

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