Ford and Google will build a self-driving car together

Now, here is an interesting story. The end of the year is coming, but it looks like the biggest tech companies have not stopped for celebrations. Google and Ford are still working and it seems that they have come to an agreement to build a self-driving car together. 

However, they will officially announce the deal next month, when the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will be taking place. This is an incredible deal that will represent a huge collaboration between two of the most successful and biggest names in the automotive and tech industries.

Even though the two huge companies haven’t made an official announcement yet and they don’t want to talk about this subject, the deal seems to be already done. Ford’s CEO Mark Fields is expected to make the announcement at the International Consumer Electronics Show, in January 2016. 

Moreover, Ford officials have already made several announcements about rapping up its testing of autonomous cars. “We have been and will continue working with many companies and discussing a variety of subjects related to our Ford Smart Mobility plan,” has declared Ford’s spokesman, Alan Hall. “We keep these discussions private for obvious competitive reasons, and we do not comment on speculation,” he continued.

To be added that Ford is the first company which has managed to make a deal with Google over self-driving cars. So, this will be a huge advantage over major rivals, like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Volvo. These companies are also working on self-driving car projects and are trying to get them to the market as fast as possible. An interesting announcement has been made last year by Ford’s chief executive officer, Mark Fields. He declared that he believes that in the next five years, someone will introduce autonomous vehicles. 

However, even for Google this is a great deal, because they will have a professional partner that will help them and handle the expense and hassle of manufacturing autonomous vehicles. To be added that former Ford CEO, Alan Mulally, is on Google’s board of directors. We don’t know that this has represented an advantage for Ford, but Google and Ford are now a team on building a self-driving car.

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