Forbes site under Hacking Attack

Unfortunately for Forbes, their site has been hacked by no one else than the Syrian Electronic Army. As Forbes has been under a hacking attack, the user email addresses were stolen. 

The Syrian Electronic Army has targeted Forbes, after unsuccessfully trying to capture the highly popular social network, Facebook, which has millions of users. They managed to hack into Forbes’ official website and got no less than one million user accounts and passwords. 

The Syrian Electronic Army first wanted to sell the information they obtained, but it seems that they are now willing to release it on the web. This might have to wait until they will find a secure server to host it. 

The attack on the famous site was confirmed by Forbes themselves, who claimed that their database has unfortunately been break into. The confirmation came in a short statement by the spokeswoman of the site. 

An official post was also released on Forbes’ Facebook page. “’s publishing platform was compromised. We’ve been making adjustments to the site to protect online privacy and the editorial integrity of our content. We are looking into and monitoring the situation closely. We’re taking this matter very seriously,” the post read. 

It seems that not only was hacked. The Twitter pages of ForbesTech and of social media editor Alex Knapp have been hacked, as well. 

Who is the Syrian Electronic Army? Well, this is a non-governmental organization, at least this is what their Facebook page indicates. The organization supports the regime of Syrian president Bashar-al-Assad and on all hacked websites this organization is trying to promote pro Assad messages. 

Naturally, this is not the first time when the Syrian Electronic Army hacks a major news website. It also managed to hack the websites of BBC, CBS, The Financial Times and even The New York Times. 

At this point it is not clear how the organization managed to hack, but commonly it sends an email with infected malware with leads to the cybernetic attack.

The Syrian Electronic Army announced the hacking on Valentine’s Day and said that Forbes was targeted by this attack because of their “hate for Syria,” which according to the group is very clear in the articles they publish. 

Forbes asked its users to change the passwords used on the site immediately as the sign-in option becomes available again.

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