For Sarah Palin Entering The Republican Presidential Race Is Not Too Late

Some might say this is too bold of Sarah Palin to criticize and say she’s willing to place her own bid in the Republican presidential race. And others might argue that while Palin thinks it’s not too late, entering the race so late would be just a waste of money. But, the truth remains that Sarah Palin is one bold Republican that will surely spice up the race.

In an interview on Fox Business, former Republican Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was asked by the show’s host Eric Bolling whether she’d be interested in taking part in the presidential nomination race. Bolling’s question referred to a situation when one of the GOP nominees would not get enough delegates, thus causing a brokered convention.

Sarah Palin didn’t waste her time and answered she’d do whatever to help. But as fictional as the scenario of a brokered convention might be for the moment, at least, Palin seemed to be intrigued by the idea. “I think that months from now, if that is the case, all bets are off as to who it will be, willing to offer up themselves up in their name in service to their country”.

And since politics is all about popularity, Palin can actually stand a chance. She can pride herself on a good career in politics, and even a more successful one as an entertainer. Ever since she didn’t exactly make it through 2008’s presidential elections, Palin changed her point of interest.

Over the past few years all she’s done is to become ever more popular. She wrote her political biography, became an analyst for Fox Networks and even played in her own TV Show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”.

Now, there are voices that argue Palin lost her credibility as a politician, due to her interest in entertainment over the past few years. In fact, as Washington Post writes, one prominent Republican who preferred to remain anonymous said of Palin: “She certainly has influence on politics, but she’s more of an entertainer these days. She’s probably got a fair amount of opportunities, but they’re not endless. The world is not at her feet”.

And still, given Palin’s public distrust of Mitt Romney, wouldn’t you like to see another shift in the current Republican presidential race?

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