Fluance XLHTB Review: A system with Spectacular Sound

When it comes to home theaters, most people are opting for a big sound, but a discrete look. Fluance XLHTB may not be suitable for customers that fall in this category. Fluance is for people who want to have a monstrous system with thunderous sound. They want their device so big that the only furniture in the room are the speakers. We need to mention that the sound is just as big as the system size. This system is perfect for house music and for action movies. You must know that music can be an uneven experience, because on every type of music, the bass will dominate everything.

The design is simply great. The floor standers come with curved slides, with the purpose to reduce the internal reflection. As the body has a cherry wrap color, the front of the speaker is a gloss piano black. The floor standers display a 6.5-inch polymer-treated midrange driver and two pairs of 1-inch dome tweeters. The arrangement is recognized as a D’appolito configuration. After you hit the play button, you will hear the perfect sound from this surround system. It sounds big and this may be the perfect solution for a movie experience. 

This 799 dollars system will offer you a good sound quality and when it plays hard, you will notice that the sound is natural. Speaking about the bass, you should know that it has plenty of bass. Even if Fluance XLHTB is composed by five pieces, the XL7f towers are the main stars. The system doesn’t come with a subwoofer, but you will not feel its lack. Movies like “Gravity”, “Black Hawk Down” or “Fast and Furious” will deliver you a great sound and a nice experience in your living room. Besides movies, listening to music will be a real joy, especially if you put on some techno music. The bass from these speakers will do just great.

If you are looking for a monstrous home theater system, Fluance XLHTB might be the right choice for you. However, the market is filled with other products, too, so it is always recommended to check all options. 

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