Flappy Bird Game Removed for Being Too Addictive

Flappy Bird game was removed for being too addictive, its developer claims. Last week, the Vietnamese creator of Flappy Bird took the game down from mobile app stores with absolutely no explanations. It seems that now the developer decided to give a reason for this unexpected choice. 

The game is just too addictive, Nguyen Dong seems to believe. The developer said that he created this game for users to play when they want to relax, but it seems that Flappy Bird turned out being an addictive product. 

Nguyen Dong talked to Forbes and claimed in his interview that “I think it has become a problem,” referring to the addictiveness of his game. He added that to solve this problem, the best thing was to take the game down forever.

Last week Flappy Bird was removed from app stores and Nguyen Dong says that the game will be gone forever. According to the developer, it was just too frustrating addictive for people to solve it, so he had no choice than to take it out from the market. 

Moreover, Nguyen Dong could not deal with the fame he received after releasing this famous game, saying that his life was no longer comfortable. Still, maybe he will be working at something new really soon, as Nguyen claimed that the success that Flappy Bird had gives him now the confidence he needs to create any type of app he wants. 

Earlier, Nguyen Dong said that he is considering releasing a sequel to Flappy Bird, but it seems that this is highly unlikely at this point. 

Fans who play Flappy Bird were definitely extremely upset with what Nguyen Dong chose to do. Some of the crazy lovers of the game even threatened the developer of this game, to stop him from removing the app. 

However, fans should not be that disappointed, as there are a series of clone game versions of Flappy Bird available now. Actually, they all appeared after Nguyen decided to remove his app, for fans of the game who still want to enjoy this experience. The clone versions of the game provide almost a similar gaming experience with the original Flappy Bird.

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