Flappy Bird Fans Still Trying to Access the Game

Fans from all over the world were extremely upset when the creator of Flappy Bird announced that the game will be removed. Over a week later, Flappy Bird fans are still trying to download this game on their devices. 

Statistics reveal that more than 50 million people downloaded this game before the moment when its creator decided to have it removed from online stores. However, that might have been a mistake, since numerous people are fans of this game. 

Well, not only that many individuals were huge fans of Flappy Bird, but it apparently looks like they are willing to pay good money to get this game. The game cannot be purchased any longer from the app stores. 

So, it seems that people who want to sell a phone which has the Flappy Bird app installed on it can get even as much as $1000 for their device. Others, have tried to find cheaper ways to access the game, such as sharing an account of someone who has the game installed to bring it on your device. 

It seems that after the creator of the Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, announced that the game will be removed from the app stores, its popularity increased amazingly. The creator of Flappy Bird said that the game was too addictive and this is the reason why he decided to pull it from app stores. 

While Nguyen decided to remove his app, others are desperately willing to make Apple and Google accept similar apps to their stores. Actually, numerous developers have tried to exploit this opportunity to make a lot of money from the popularity that the Flappy Bird enjoys. 

However, reports reveal that both Apple and Google have started to reject the games that have the word Flappy in their title. It seems that the reason to that is actually the fact that they contain “false, fraudulent or misleading representations.”

With no way to access the original Flappy Bird or similar games that seem to be banned from app stores, fans of the popular game seem to be willing to pay for access to the game they seem to like so much. 

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