First Whitney Houston Live Album to be released in November

Whitney Houston’s music and amazing voice will live forever. Luckily, fans will now have the opportunity to discover a new Whitney Houston album. And for the first time they will get a live album of their favorite singer. 

So, after about three years since the death of Whitney Houston, her first live album will be released. The release date has already been announced as November 10. The one to make the public announcement was Clive Davis, the man credited to have discovered the talented singer. He made the revelations on this release on Today show. The new album will be named Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances.  

A very interesting fact is that this actually is the first live album of the famous singer, despite numerous amazing performances and years of successful career. The new album will feature no less than 16 songs. It will come with both a CD and a DVD. On the DVD, users can discover 19 performances of the famous singer. In these performances is included the show that Whitney put together in 1991 at the Super Bowl. 

Davis claimed during his appearance on Today Show that Whitney Houston’s mom actually was the one who helped him pick the songs for the album. He also revealed that she gave her blessing for the new release. “She was without question the greatest vocalist in the world,” Davis said. “It was a marvel that she was as powerful and as incredible as she was. But bittersweet that she died too young,” he added. 

“This CD/DVD will establish that there was no one like her,” Davis went on to explain, adding that the new album actually is her legacy and will help people remember the star and her absolutely amazing voice. 

On this new album, fans will find Whitney’s performance from 1983 on The Merv Griffn Show, but also her performance from 2009 at The Oprah Winfrey Show, I  Wanna Dance with Somebody performed in 1990 and I’m Every Woman, from 1994. These are live performances that impressed and moved the listeners. Without a doubt, Whitney Houston is one of the most powerful voices that was ever heard. 

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