Firefox doesn’t need Google’s money anymore

It looks like Mozilla doesn’t need Google’s money anymore and is doing fine. There was a moment when this organization had millions of dollars from Google that paid for search traffic. Now, Mozilla relies on Yahoo, Baidu and others. Firefox is one of the most used browsers in the world, while its biggest competitor is Google’s browser, Chrome. 

At the end of last year, Mozilla has made a surprising announcement, saying that they will no longer use Google as their prime search tool and they will switch to Yahoo. This announcement has managed to shock all users.

These days, the developer behind Firefox, has declared that they will no longer rely on Google for its revenue. Why? Because their confident new search-engine deals will bring even more money than what Google has brought. This announcement came out as a shocker, because for years the giant search company has sponsored Mozilla by paying for Web searches launched through their browser. Mozilla is a nonprofit organization based in Mountain View, California. They have managed to build one of the most successful web browsers, called Firefox.

As it was earlier mentioned, Mozilla has the global Google deal and has moved to regional deals with other famous search engine companies. This means in United States, Mozilla will use Yahoo, in China they will use Baidu and Yandex in Russia. However, in Europe Google is still the default search engine for Firefox. “We don’t have a commercial relationship with Google at this point,” has declared Denelle Dixon-Thayer, Mozilla’s chief business and legal officer. “It goes back to our strategy of how we can encourage more competition,” she continued. 

This is an interesting move for Mozilla, because more competition means giving users more choices when they access information and services online. A move like this from Firefox is like a hit for those giants who have power in their positions and are making several abuses, like skewing search results in their own favor or blocking rivals’ content. However, Mozilla and Google are both trying to make the Web better for activates like blogging, new publishing, e-commerce and social networking. 

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