Federer Wins Grand Slam Title At Wimbledon

The Associated Press reports that Roger Federer won the 17th Grand Slam title during the Wimbledon competition that took place on Sunday in England. He competed against the British player, Andy Murray, but defeated him with 4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4.

Roger Federer proved everyone that he is still in good shape despite the defeats he registered in the past months. The 30-year-old tennis player was accompanied by his three-year-old twin daughters during the Sunday competition and he was glad he could give the two girls a reason to be proud of their dad. Federer added at the end of the game that winning another Grand Slam title was a dream come true for him and his family.

His girls were only six months old when Federer won the last Wimbledon Championship. He told the press that he was very motivated by their presence at the Sunday game. Although Andy Murray did a good job on Sunday, Roger managed to prove everyone that he is not a champion in decline as analysts have recently stated.

It is the seventh time the Swiss pro wins the tournament; thus equaling the records set by William Renshaw in 1880 and by Sampras in 2000. The 17 major titles he has in his honors list have placed Roger Federer at the top of the ATP rankings. The last time he occupied this position was in June 2010 when he matched Pete Sampras’ record of 286 weeks at No. 1.

British supporters were hoping Andy Murray would restore their national pride by winning the Wimbledon. He was the first British player to reach the finals since 1938. Fans camped outside the court because they were anxious to see Andy Murray on the big screen set in the vicinity of the practice courts.

Federer cannot go on vacation, yet. He will have to return to Wimbledon after three weeks when he will try to win the Olympic singles gold medal. He is confident about the future competition because he feels very comfortable on the Wimbledon court. He told the press that he feels better when he plays in this setting because it is a unique court.



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