FBI Warns Cyberthreat Will Be the Highest Risk to the U.S.

As technology evolved and innovation became affordable for everyone, a particular aspect in the crime business has boomed. Internet security, cyberthreats and cyber assaults have considerably grown in numbers, but according to a director with the FBI trhey will become a reality in only a couple of years. As FBI warns, in only a short time cyberthreat will be the highest risk to the United States, topping even terrorism.

Earlier this year, before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, FBI Director Robert Mueller expressed concern that cyberthreats will soon top terrorism in highest concerns for the security of the United States. Now, only a couple of weeks later, Robert Mueller asked for the nation’s private sector to give a helping hand in preventing this from happening.

This week, San Francisco held the annual meeting of cyber security professionals. Present at the RSA Conference, Robert Mueller explained that both the government and the private sector are losing data, money, ideas and innovation. As he added, that’s why “together we must find a way to stop the bleeding”.

Robert Mueller said: “Terrorism does remain the FBI’s top priority, but in the not too distant future we anticipate that the cyberthreat will pose the greatest threat to our country”. The FBI director added that although at the moment “terrorists have not used the Internet to launch a full scale cyberattack… we cannot underestimate their intent”.

You’d imagine that the FBI would be able to handle such operations on their own. All in all the FBI has put together its own cybersecurity divisions in all its 56 field offices and has a team of over 1,000 specialized agents tracking down possible threats all over the internet.

But what Mueller wants is to have victims of cyberattacks come forward and report them. “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be. Even that is merging into one category: those that have been hacked and will be again” told Mueller to his audience at the RSA Conference. He urged them to help adding that “maintaining a code of silence will not serve us in the long run”.

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