FBI to Visit Sony Studios

Following the massive hacking attack on Sony Studios, the FBI has started a complex investigation. Now, representatives from the FBI will be visiting Sony Studios to talk with employees and offer them cyber-security training. 

Apparently, the employees at the famous company were really shocked by the hacking that has led to the exposure of many private and sensitive information. Among the information shared online were social security numbers, salaries, email addresses, but also fake names used by some celebrities and new movies that are in the works. This is an unprecedented attack and a highly sophisticated one. 

Sony officials claimed that the way this technology is operating is actually scary. As expected, the FBI will not reveal the content of the trainings performed at this point, but it has been claimed that they are willing to help with cybersecurity awareness. The FBI has now claimed that the attackers are organized and persistent.

“[T]he malware that was used would have gotten past 90 percent of the Net defenses that are out there today in private industry and [would have been] likely to challenge even state government,” Joe Demarest claimed. The assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s cyberdivision also claimed that the agency has not been able yet to determine who is behind the attacks. 

Some evidence indicates that the attack has been led by North Korea, but there are no proofs at this point. It seems that Sony managed to draw anger as the company was working at the release of a comedy movie about the fictional assassination of the leader of North Korea.  

“The hacking into Sony Pictures might be a righteous deed of the supporters and sympathizers with the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea],” a spokesman for North Korea claimed. So, it is yet to find out what the investigation conducted by the FBI will reveal. 

However, employees at Sony have to be calmed down, as the anxiety among them is extremely high, having under consideration that their personal information including Social Security numbers, has been leaked.  

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