Fan gave Dolly Parton the ultimate gift: her child

Country singer Dolly Parton recalls that years ago a fan left her a child in a box in front ofher home. The note attached to the box explained how the baby is a present for the star.

Dolly Parton had to put up with a lot due to her huge success, especially in the starting years of her career. Now at 65 years old, the country star remembers that many of her fans did odd and extreme things to gain her attention or to prove their loyalty to her. Back in the days when “Jolene” was a hit, one of her fans did something unheard of. “We came home one day and there was a baby in a box at our gate with a note in it”, Parton said. The note said “My name is Jolene, my momma has left me here and she wants you to have me”. The singer says that everyone freaked out and called the authorities. To this day, she says she doesn’t know what happened to that baby. After the Human Services took the child into custody, “we never did know or hear anything about it. I knew nothing else. What do you do in a situation like that?”

Dolly confesses to “The Boot” mag that everything she has done in her life was for attention and she would feel bad if people wouldn’t treat her like a star anymore. However, she says she tries to deal with her fame in the most non destructive way possible. When people feel bad for her because she can’t have any privacy, like for example go to a restaurant, “I say ‘I most certainly can!’ I know the time of the day I can go when it won’t be as crowded.” Plus, she says she is not that kind of celebrity that freaks out when people come to her table to meet her of to get her autograph; on the contrary, she likes that.

The famous country singer has just released her 41st album, which is called “Better Day” and is currently on a tour across the world – U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia.

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