Faith Hill in search for birth mother, finds brother

Country star Faith Hill recently found her natural brother, after embarking on a search for her birth mother. The singer, who is happily married to another famous country musician, Tim McGraw, was adopted at a young age and never met her real mother.

Toronto Sun reports that during her appearance on the TV special “In the Spotlight” on Tuesday, singer Faith Hill told host Robin Roberts that she found a long-lost brother. Her family history is a bit more complicated than the regular family stories, as she was adopted at a very young age, and never met any of her blood relatives. Until now. While she was searching for her birth mother, a new man walked into her life, a man she never expected: a brother. Her searches began almost two decades ago, in 1993, and she never thought that she might meet brothers or sisters.

Hill explains why she began the search in the first place. “There was a period of time when I first moved to Nashville (Tennessee), like the first couple of years, that I was just simply lost”, she confessed. That was the trigger of her decision of embarking on the journey of tracking down her roots. “And it was all by divine intervention that it happened”, she added.

Hill added that she also found her mother, but doesn’t feel comfortable to open up about it just yet. “One day, if I ever feel comfortable talking about the whole story, I will”. Meanwhile, she is enjoying the close relationship that she is building with her estranged brother.

On a professional level, the “Breathe” singer is doing great. She just released a new single, “Come Home”, which she performed for the first time at the Country Music Awards, on Wednesday.

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  1. Faith Hill don’t give up, MY birth mother was 17 – 19 years old when she was force to give ME up at birth 06/21/1959 to the NUNS at Our Lady of Victory in Lackawanna NY.

    I was adopted 1961 my adopted parents were Great to ME my hole life. IM an American New York Adoptee with no right to know who I am or who MY birth mother / family IT wasent MY choice at all to be put up for adoption Faith IM seeking true identities

    Please help ME find MY birth mother / family Thank You Faith Hill for reading my note Thank You again

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