Facebook will Host News Sites’ Content

Facebook is one of the main domains that attract news organizations. The huge social network has more the 1.4 billion users and through the years it became a vital source of traffic for publishers looking to reach a high fragmented audience. Facebook has been talking with several media companies about hosting their contact inside the social network. This way, users will not be forced to tap a link to go to an external site, saving time.

Facebook will give its publishers a share of the advertising revenues, making it a really good deal for them. Three of the likely candidates are New York Times, National Geographic and BuzzFeed. “Loading publishers’ web pages on a mobile device can be maddening, slowed by advertising that goes out for auction when readers click. So while Facebook loves the content, it hates the clunky technology many publishers use for mobile,” David Carr declared.

Facebook wants to begin the new format in the next few months. The huge social network is probably the only Internet company that decided to host publishers stories with the promise that they’ll make them more money from advertising, will look better and they will load faster. To be mentioned that a social app known as Snapchat, recently unveiled its Discover feature, which hosts photo, text and video stories from famous brands like Daily Mail, Vice, CNN and Cosmopolitan. 

Beside Snapchat and Facebook, Flipboard joined the circle and floated the idea of hosting news publishers’ and other stories on its own system. “We want to be a distribution vehicle for our publishing partners, and make their content look and feel great, and load really fast, particularly on mobile devices,” chief executive of Flipboard, Mike McCue, said. “On the web we’re going to render their content for them in some ways they weren’t able to do before … It loads faster, it looks beautiful, and they could have beautiful full-page ads in here that are way more successful at monetising than a banner ad,” he continued.

Facebook will become one of the biggest competitors in this area, having more than 890 million daily active users.

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