Facebook to Show Video Ads in Newsfeed

After months of talks on this subject, the news has finally been confirmed. Facebook will slowly introduce video ads in newsfeed. 

Actually, it has been almost a year since Facebook made public the fact that they plan on introducing video ads in the newsfeed. Well, it seems that the final countdown has started and we will see the video ads soon, while scrolling through newsfeed. 

The whole system is automatic, so the video ads will start playing automatically, but silently. The videos will add sound and go full screen only when you click or tap. Tests have been performed since December, but the official launch will only be made now. 

A spokesperson for Facebook claimed that late April is the moment when probably most users will see the video ads on their newsfeed. They should expect to see a 15-second ad on both mobile and the web. 

However, you should not worry that your experience while accessing the social network will become terrible. Facebook claims to be very careful to implement this project without bothering users. Surely, the social network doesn’t want users to close the page because of annoying ads. The company is actually going to have a testing period to see the results. 

Facebook calls its 15-second ad the Premium Video Ad and its strategy is to determine the TV ad industry to get a whole new approach. The social network says that when you scroll down the page and pass the ad, it will stop automatically. Consequently, Facebook seems almost sure that there is no way users can be annoyed by this new advertising method. 

Facebook will be working with Ace Metrix, a company which will make sure that the ads that appear in your newsfeed are relevant for the other content. The creative quality of an ad is based on factors such as watchability, meaningfulness, as well as emotional resonance. 

The revenue potential for Facebook is believed to be absolutely impressive, while companies will definitely be interested in promoting their products this way. On the other hand, Facebook shouldn’t worry that ads will make users limit their usage on the social network. Facebook has suffered numerous changes in the past few years, but its popularity never paled. 

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