Facebook to Provide Wireless Internet Connection

As it was reported that Facebook is interested in purchasing Titan Aerospace, it seems that the reason for that is the company’s intention to provide wireless Internet connection to the poor. 

Yesterday reports emerged saying that Facebook is in talks with Titan Aerospace, the social network offering to buy the company for the sum of $60 million.

Facebook recently purchased WhatsApp service for no less than $19 billion. 

The reason why Facebook is interested in Titan Aerospace is actually linked to their intention of using drones with the purpose to provide Internet access to different areas of the world. It was now suggested that Facebook plans on focusing its attention of offering wireless Internet to the poor. 

The drones developed by Titan are considered to be perfect by Facebook in achieving this purpose. They are able to fly high and they can stay up for no less than 5 years, with no need to be brought to land. Titan describes its products as atmospheric satellites, being based on solar energy, which recharges their batteries. 

Having all these facts under consideration, it is believed that the technology developed by Titan would be perfect for Facebook’s plan to make the Internet accessible all over the world. Google also had in mind such a project, but unfortunately for the giant, its Project Loon failed. 

Maybe Facebook will be successful. The project is conducted by Facebook, but it may actually include a partnership with giants such as Samsung, Qualcomm and Nokia. It has been reported that Facebook would need no less than 11,000 drones flying above Africa. 

Titan executives have confirmed to be in talks with Facebook, but they revealed absolutely nothing regarding this subject, claiming that they cannot say anything at the moment. A spokesman for Facebook refused to make any comments on the rumors. 

If the project that Facebook is rumored to have will finally be successfully implemented, millions of people in developing countries will gain access to the Internet. The deal between Facebook and Titan has not been confirmed yet, so it is yet to find out if Facebook really plans on buying the company or everything is just rumors. 

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