Facebook’s News Feed Page To Undergo Major Changes

Based on a recent report published by the New York Times, Facebook’s News Feed page could undergo major changes in the following period. Mark Zuckerberg, the young CEO of the social network, will make an official announcement on Thursday revealing the modifications that users are expected to see on their accounts.

Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to turn the company public in 2012 has triggered both analysts’ criticism and investors’ distrust. The company’s share prices dropped significantly after the initial public offering and they never managed to get past the $30 level. Moreover, the social network has been dealing with various types of problems after deciding to modify users’ News Feed page in order to display more advertisements and sponsored stories.

In spite of the criticism, Zuckerberg is determined to make more changes in the near future, so companies can easily promote their ads. Although the exact changes that the company will make have not been disclosed yet, Zuckerberg hinted that the redesign of the News Feed presupposes bigger images, more videos and more engaging ads.

Analysts fear that Mark Zuckerberg’s decision may not be the most appropriate one. In their opinion, the company will encounter difficulties in meeting both users and advertisers’ needs. Creating a more advertising-inclined News Feed is not going to be easy, especially since users have constantly expressed their discontent with Sponsored Stories.

Karsten Weide, an analyst with IDC, recommended Facebook to take users’ needs into account, as well, if they want to maintain their visitors. The latter could use more filters, in Weide’s opinion, whereas advertisers will request “smarter, more flexible advertising formats”.

Whether the change that Zuckerberg is about to make could be beneficial or not is still debatable. The social network has lost great part of its popularity in the past month, so the upcoming modifications could either draw more users or put an end to Facebook’s momentum. A recent analysis performed by Pew Research Center showed that 61 percent users have given up Facebook since the beginning of the year and 20 percent have deactivated their accounts entirely. The main reason they have cited in the survey was boredom.

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