Facebook Releases Tor

Today, Facebook has launched a special version of its website for Tor. This will allow users on the network to access a more stable version of the social network. Those who will use Tor, will have the opportunity to connect directly to the social network via anonymizing. This means that all data is encrypted and users will not be mistaken for hacked accounts.

Alec Muffett, Facebook software engineer for security infrastructure, declared that “Tor challenges some assumptions of Facebook’s security mechanisms, for example its design means that from the perspective of our systems a person who appears to be connecting from Australia at one moment may the next appear to be in Sweden or Canada. In other contexts such behavior might suggest that a hacked account is being accessed through a ‘botnet,’ but for Tor this is normal.” 

Facebook’s new onion address, facebookcorewwwi.onion, will connect you to Facebook’s Core WWW infrastructure, which provides end-to-end communication, from the users’ browser directly into Facebook data center. We must mention that the giant social network has rolled out HTTPS encryption to all users a couple of years ago. In a blog post, Muffett said that over “time we hope to share some of the lessons that we have learned—and will learn—about scaling and deploying services via the Facebook onion address.” So, the next step will be to support the social’s network mobile-friendly site via an onion address. 

This is an interesting step for Facebook. With this new release, the social network makes it easier for users to connect to Facebook via Tor, without getting into problems. Most likely, Tor user traffic will appear in many other countries in a short period of time. Probably, many people will not understand the meaning of Tor, but it is a good thing from Facebook to consider users’ security and their right to be anonymous. There are many good reasons to connect on the social network without revealing your true location or losing your anonymity on Facebook. 

If you want to take a quick try on Facebook’s new .onion site, you can download Tor Browser from the Tor Project’s site.

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