Facebook Messenger allows users to order an Uber car

Facebook Messenger, one of the most used messaging apps on the market, is now stepping forward with a new feature. Starting today, users will be able to order an Uber car straight from the app. 

Facebook has included a “Transportation” feature, making its Messenger one of the first apps that will be able to help users order a car.

Why it isn’t the first app? Because there is another messaging app, called WeChat, which allows users to book cars on ridesharing platforms. However, this doesn’t mean that Facebook Messenger has been inspired by WeChat.

“For us we’re more inspired by how we see our users using Messenger and we just saw the growing popularity of group chats and this is one of the best use cases of why Messenger’s so great,” declared Seth Rosenberg, Facebook’s product manager. 

So, this means that the newest version of Facebook Messenger will come with an Uber button, meaning that users can call a ride and even track the driver’s progress from Facebook’s app. Moreover, users will have the chance to pay for the ride or even communicate with their driver, all from Messenger. The Uber button is hiding under the name of “Transportation,” being located in the “more” menu in a Messenger conversation.

However, people who are not using Facebook Messenger, can still order an Uber car from their official app. To be added that more than 700 million people are using Facebook Messenger at least once a month. These are some incredible numbers, but it seems that Facebook is not willing to settle and they are still looking for new ways to refresh the app. So, the social network company has also partnered with other app makers, including entertainment apps, for example Giphy. On the other side, Uber has partnered with a range of services, like United Airlines, OpenTable and the Apple Watch. 

So, the new version of Messenger will come with a “Transportation” button that will allow users to call an Uber car. But, Facebook is not stopping here, because they are in talks with rival ride-sharing service, Lyft. It seems that they want to include this service on their social network page, starting with January.  

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