Facebook Exodus: Teenagers Heading Towards Other Social Networks

A recent research performed by the Pew Research Center in the United States indicates a Facebook exodus, namely, an increasing number of teenagers have abandoned the social network in favor of other websites. Tumblr and Twitter are the new most popular social networks, but the reasons behind this change of interest are not clear yet, CNET News reports.

Facebook’s activity has been subject to numerous analyses in the past months, whether it was related to the new products or services that the social network is offering or to the requests that users are making. Pew Research Center has performed an analysis, too, in order to determine how popular Facebook is among teenagers in comparison to other websites.

The results of the research have been very different from what analysts were expecting. Figures show that teenagers are no longer as interested as they used to be in the social network and they prefer to use less popular websites, instead. The main reasons behind their lack of interest is, according to the research, the fact that the youth no longer perceives Facebook as a secret network which they can use in order to rebel against their parents. In fact, most parents and older relatives have their own Facebook accounts, making it all the more difficult for teenagers to freely express themselves.

Tumblr and Twitter are the social networks that seem to derive benefit from Facebook’s loss. Young Internet users prefer these two networks because they are out of their parents’ reach and they give them a sense of secrecy. Tumblr was actually an “underground” network that very few people knew about until Yahoo made it public by announcing their intention to acquire it.

Analysts were unable to think of a solution that Facebook could use in order to regain its popularity. The social network will have to deal with the fact that its services are more appropriate for a mature public instead of trying to allure younger users. Convincing investors that the financial situation of the social network is stable is a far more difficult task for the company.

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