Facebook Can tell When you’re About to Start a Relationship

Facebook really knows everything. Now, it seems that the famous social network can actually tell when you’re about to start a relationship. 

Facebook might even know that you are about to start a relationship 100 days before you do. According to the popular social network, Facebook posts increased a lot before a relationship became official. So, what Facebook does is to analyze data. 

Future couples always share an increased number of posts. Facebook data that has been released at this point shows that they analyzed no less than 18 million posts or more than 460,000 couples. All these individuals changed their relationship status from single to in a relationship

Actually, there is no big shock in that. It is a well-known fact that people tend to use Facebook to communicate and share the latest aspects in their lives. In fact, people use Facebook to connect with other individuals. 

What Facebook is trying to show now is that the interaction between individuals that are about to form a couple grows, the amount of messages sent between the two increases, as well as the visits and posts on each other’s page. 

Actually, with Facebook it is not hard at all for anyone to find out that two people might be seeing each other. 

Moreover, Facebook can also predict when a couple is going to separate or has ended a relationship. According to the social network, the amount of messages sent between the two decreases or just stops. 

However, Facebook also indicates that when couples take their relationship to the next level, meaning that they spend more time together or move in together, the amount of messages and the level of communication on Facebook also decreases. This happens while the physical interaction grows. 

The results presented at this point were found by Facebook after a study conducted between 2010 and 2013. The study by Facebook Data Science was made on a number of 460,000 couples. Researchers found an increase of communication in a couple 100 days before making it official, as well as a significant decrease once the relationship started. 

Facebook also found that the level of communication of users who just changed their status in single increased on the social network following this event. 

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