Facebook Allows Users to Control News Feed

It seems that Facebook decided to give users more control over their news feed. Consequently, the social network revealed on Friday some new tools to help users control and also better understand News Feed. 

Apparently, Facebook will allow now users to see how and what most frequently fills up the News Feed. This is all part of the company’s effort to allow users to gain some control over the mysterious News Feed algorithm. So, the settings of News Feed had already been updated. This will allow users to find out which friends, pages and groups they have seen the most in the past. 

Facebook claimed that the new feed will be based on what users interact with most, no matter if this means posting, liking or commenting. Now, people will also get the See Less tool. This means that they will be able to limit the amount of content they see in News Feed, linked to certain posts. So, the tool will ask users if they want to see fewer updates from a person or page. Then, it will ask them if they want to remove that person from the News Feeds entirely. 

Another interesting new feature is the Summary page. The Summary Page will allow users to see a list of every page, person or group he unfollowed. This will make it much simpler to users to refollow someone. And this might not be all. A statement from Facebook revealed that the famous social network will actually bring more options to customize the News Feed settings in the future. 

This might mean that Facebook will finally allow its users to sort posts by top or see News Feeds by friend groups. Moreover, users might actually be able to choose the exact pages, people or groups they are willing to see News Feed from. 

Many people complained that the information they can find on News Feed is not actually information they are interested in discovering. For instance, you might commonly find in News Feed updates from people you haven’t interacted in years, while important updates from close friends never appear in the feed. Well, Facebook seems to have made the first move in changing all that. 

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