Experimental project for finding fuel of the future

As gas prices continue to rise world wide, researchers started an experimental project for finding the fuel of the future. Spanish and French researchers already working at this project since almost five years ago, and they hope to replace the gasoline from cars tank in the next decade.

Scientist at Bio Fuel Systems (BFS) believe that an alternative to fuel might be carbon dioxide mixed with microscopic algae. No matter how odd this sounds, is certainly a great project that worths to be finished, because looking at how the things are going lately this eco fuel might be a very good option in the future.

Engineer Eloy Chapuli, part of the scientists team tried to explain: “We are trying to simulate the conditions which existed millions of years ago, when the phytoplankton was transformed into oil. In this way, we obtain oil that is the same as oil today.” According to him the new fuel will have the same properties like the one we use nowadays. There will be no major differences between them.

Though is still in an experimental stage, the project is promising. There are 400 green tubes filled with millions of algae which reproduces by the process of photosynthesis CO2. The next step is the CO2 is captured an transported through a pipeline and shortly after transformed into the future’s fuel.

Different companies already shown their interest for this project but researchers told they need time to finish it: “We need another five to 10 years before industrial production can start. In a unit that covers 50 square kilometres, which is not something enormous, in barren regions of southern Spain, we could produce about 1.25 million barrels per day.” they said. Similar projects already began to develop in countries from all over the world.

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