Excellent in-ear headphone for music enthusiasts, the new Focal Sphear

The in-ear headphone market is filled with excellent headphones that are delivering incredible sound and lots of other interesting features. These days, an interesting and new company has made its presence known on the market. 

A French company, called Focal, has released a new headphone by the name of Sphear. Now, even if this company has arrived on the headphone market in a short time, this unveil will probably be one of the best. The new Focal Sphear is an incredible headphone that delivers an amazing sound that will attract a lot of clients.

The new Focal Sphear is available at the price of 179 dollars, making it an affordable price compared with its performance. So, why will clients be so impressed about this new headphone? Because it is lightweight, delivers an incredible sound and it is very comfortable to wear. More importantly, compared with other headphones, the new Focal Sphear stays in users’ ears, which is important to know. 

To be added that this headphone seems sturdily built and has a thick main cord that has an L-shaped plug. Users will also be able to make or receive phone calls, due to the mic situated on the cable and which can be found high up on the left cord. This mic features a single-button remote, which can act as a call answer/end, but also as a pause/play button and skips tracks forward when users will tap it twice. 

The call quality is pretty good, users will be able to have normal conversations, without any problems. As for accessories, the new headphone comes with two sets of small, medium and large tips, one foam set and one silicone set. Moreover, customers will also receive a small carrying case, which is perfect for travelling, because it will keep the headphone safe. To be added that the new Focal Sphear is recognized as a noise-isolating headphone, meaning that the sound quality is perfect. The treble is very good, while the bass is full and clear. 

The new Focal Sphear is perfect for music enthusiasts and it can be also worn while doing fitness activities, thanks to its solid built. 

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