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Eva Longoria Launches New Fragrance: EVAmour

Eva Longoria is one of the numerous actresses who decided to invest their money in perfumes. The actress told Daily Makeover that she will soon release a new fragrance called EVAmour. This is the second line of perfumes that the “Desperate Housewives” star has launched so far and it was created in collaboration with perfumer Annie Buzantian.

Who doesn’t want to smell like a celebrity? That is probably the first question that stars ask themselves whenever they want to find a new profitable business to increase their incomes. Since the answer to this question is, most of the times, flattering for celebrities, consumers learn that new fragrances are being launched almost each month by various celebrities.

Unlike the above mentioned stars, Eva Longoria has decided to enter the perfume business because she tends to develop various allergies from regular fragrances. However, one line of perfumes was not enough, so the actress is now preparing to put her second fragrance on the market. The collection is called EVAmour and is said to reflect the personality of the actress. Kind of like the first perfume…

Judging by the ingredients that were used for the new collection, we may conclude that Eva is sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, but most of the times, rough. The perfume contains floral notes of tiger lily, rose, frangipani and pink peony, but also juicy fragrances of bergamot blossom, pink lady apple and red currant. Musky and vanilla notes have been used to compliment the floral and the fruity scents.

Eva told the press that she wanted her perfume to be clean in order to enable women to preserve the smell of their freshly showered skin for a longer period of time. In her opinion, the fragrance is unique and will, therefore, convince numerous women to test it.

Betsy Olum, general manager of beauty and merchandising strategy at HSN, was also very pleased with the scent of the new collection. Olum described the new fragrance as very seductive and playful; in other words, Eva Longoria. EVAmour will be available in HSN stores starting March 29. 

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