Eureka Brushroll Clean with SuctionSeal AS3401A

Even if it doesn’t stay that well at maneuverability, the new Eureka Brushroll Clean with SuctionSeal is one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market. Without a doubt, Oreck, Shark and Dyson’s vacs are considered to be more modern vacuums and are easier to maneuver, but Eureka also does its job well. 

However, after users will pass the maneuverability issue, they will notice that this is a good cleaner and it has a reasonable price of just 200 dollars. For this price, Eureka Brushroll also comes with the appealing feature of self-cleaning brushroll. To be mentioned that customers could also get the Shark Rotator vacuum for the same price and it is way easier to use. This means that Eureka Brushroll has some serious competition at this range or price.

Eureka Brushroll comes with a circular disc containing the self-winding cord, which offers an interesting design. However, users should be a bit careful because kids may want to play with it. Well, the front of the Eureka Brushroll is much simpler and features an appealing dark orange look.

On the top of the vacuum, the long cylindrical dust bin is placed, being adorned with the Eureka name. As already mentioned, Eureka Brushroll Clean can be bought at the price of 200 dollars and looks pretty appealing. Eureka Brushroll is also comfortable to use, because all the various attachments have a dedicated spot where can be placed, so users can easily take them as they work. 

The Eureka Brushroll Clean package includes a dusting brush, crevice tool, a stair, upholstery turbo nozzle and an extension wand. The upholstery turbo nozzle comes with a mini powered brushroll, so owners can get pet hair off their furniture. Even if it’s not a unique item that can be found only at Eureka, it’s still a very useful component. To be added that Eureka Brushroll Clean weighs approximately 15.8 pounds and spots a 27-foot-long cord along with an 11-foot hose.

Well, Eureka Brushroll Cleaner may not be the perfect vacuum cleaner for old people, due to its weight. However, this vacuum cleaner will get the carpet clean and has a decent price.

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