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Erika Harold, Former Miss America Might Run For Congress

Although being a celebrity can get you more than enough media coverage, some people want even more. And politics seems to be the right place to be controversial and under the media’s radar. Erika Harold, a former Miss America, is thinking about running for Congress in 13th District.

You might not truly remember Erika Harold, even if the name does ring a bell. She won the Miss America award back in 2003 and after getting her degree in law, the former beauty queen looks into politics as a possible career down the line.

Erika Harold grew up in Urbana, Illinois, a city from 13th District. According to the News – Gazette, the former beauty queen is just one of the people that have been looking into the possibility to run for the seat left vacant by Illinois U.S. Republican Tim Johnson. In the competition for Tim Johnson’s seat there are some pretty experienced people waiting in line: real estate developer David Paul Blumenshine, former Johnson chief of staff Jerry Clarke or Becky Doyle, the former state agriculture director.

In an interview with News – Gazette, Erika Harold, now 32 years old, said she is still considering the possibility to run for Congress in 13th District. The thought however seems to be quite appealing for 2003’ Miss America: “I would consider it an incredible honor and privilege to represent the area in which I grew up. I will be assessing in my own heart whether I felt that I was the best person to represent the 13th District”.

The former Miss America also added that the idea “humbled and honored” her and she emphasized she understands “what an awesome responsibility it is to represent people’s interests and to be their advocate in Washington, D.C.”.

Harold said that if she’s going to run for 13th District, then she’d do it on behalf of the Republicans. Erika Harold explained that she considers herself a Republican because she believes that the “Republican principles of fiscal conservatism and free-market economics creates the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people”.

What do you think? Should Erika Harold run for 13th District? Would her past as Miss America damage her chances?

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