Eminem Is The Most Popular Artist On Facebook

Eminem has officially become the most popular artist on Facebook on Wednesday when he registered 60 million “Likes” on his page. He is not only the holder of the record for the biggest number of “Likes”, but also the most popular artist on the social network overcoming mega-stars like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, says Us Weekly.

Pop artists seem to be very fond of social networks as most of them like to keep in touch with their fans through Twitter or Facebook. Fans, on the other hand, are glad that they can be the first to read about the most recent events held by their favorite stars. Thus, artists end up with some of the most popular social network accounts.

Eminem established a new record on Wednesday when his Facebook page got 60 million “Likes”. His page is now the most followed one although Rihanna and Lady Gaga used to be the most active social network users. RiRi continues to have the greatest number of Twitter followers being a lot more active on the Twitterverse than on other social media channels.

Unlike Rihanna and Lady Gaga who often make controversial posts to draw the public’s attention on their accounts, Eminem is only using the Facebook page to let his fans know about his latest projects. He usually posts links to his You Tube videos and ads to promote his albums and concerts. Eminem rarely talks about his private life as opposed to the Barbadian singer who constantly posts pics and messages to reveal secret aspects of herself. For this reason, Rihanna has the biggest number of Twitter followers.

The report shows that the rapper gets the biggest number of “Likes” per day, that is, 26,000. RiRi is very close to him with only 22,000 “Likes” per day. When it comes to the number of people “talking about this”, the situation is a bit different. Only 290,896 people talk about Eminem’s page, whereas Rihanna has 1,016,304 fans talking about her and Lady Gaga 1,209,588.

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  1. I’m a 56yr old, Black Female who has been listening to and singing and performing Rock music for 42 yrs. I do not particularly like Rap, but I appreciate the form and diversity it brings to music in general. I am guilty of one little Rap/Hip Hop pleasure and that would be Eminem. Congratulations Em!

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