Electrolux has released the new Ergorapido Lithium Ion Brushroll Clean Xtra

The vacuum cleaner market has started to be really crowded in the last couple of years. Each brand has updated its best vacuum cleaner or it has released a new model that has a couple of new features. 

These days, Electrolux has come with something and it promises to be very interesting. We are talking about the new Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion Brushroll Clean Xtra. This new vacuum cleaner comes more like an update to the Ergorapido series, which is a line that had huge success in the past. 

So, the new Electrolux Ergorapido comes with a mix of features that probably will be very catchy for customers. This vacuum cleaner comes with a more powerful lithium ion battery which is a good thing, because there will be no cables in the house and will add more power to the number one feature: the brushroll cleaner. 

However, this feature is not as good as it should be, because if there is a lot of hair on the carpet, there will be higher chances to get stuck. But, there is a blade positioned on the brushroll cavity, so if there is a lot of hair tangled on the bristles, users should press a lever and the blade will slice the hair away.

The new Electrolux Ergorapido comes at the price of 150 dollars, which is an affordable price. To be added that the parent company of Electrolux also has an incredible vacuum cleaner, called Eureka Brushroll Clean with SuctionSeal.

Now, that vacuum cleaner will probably have more success on the market, because it cleans better and has a solid build. As for the Electrolux stick, this new vacuum cleaner functions well and has an attractive design, but it doesn’t get the floor as clean as it should be. So, despite the 150 dollars price and the beautiful design, the new Electrolux Ergorapido is not as good as it should be. 

One of the main attractions on this vacuum cleaner are the four LEDs situated in the front that keep track of the device’s remaining charge while it works.

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