ELAC Releases Debut B6 Speakers

Andrew Jones is a well-known speaker designer who worked with brands like KEF and Infinity, but also designed the 80.000 dollars TAD Reference speakers. However, after gaining so much success, he also decided to design a line of highly affordable speakers for Pioneer. 

Well, it seems that Andrew Jones has decided to leave Pioneer and he now leads ELAC America’s speaker division. With this move, ELAC has released the new Debut B6 that was made under Jones’ surveillance. While listening to these speakers, users will realize that Andrew Jones is one of the best designers on the market.

The new ELAC Debut B6 are available at the price of 280 dollars per pair. It is an incredible price, knowing the fact that these speakers are so good. It is true, these speakers cost more than double the price compared with Pioneer’s models, which were also designed by Andrew Jones, but they are much better. 

The new ELAC Debut B6 measure 8.5 inches wide by 14 inches high and 10 inches deep and they are made of medium-density fiberboard cabinet, covered with a black vinyl finish. Moreover, they have a removable, black cloth grille that has the mission to protect the drivers. 

One of the things worth to be known about this new model is the fact that it features the bass port on the rear panel. Each of its speakers weighs 6.5 kg and the impedance is rated at 6 Ohms. Andrew Jones recommends owners of these devices to use 20-inch tall floor stands, because the speakers will deliver a better sound when they are located approximately at the same height as users’ ears. As for performance, the new ELAC Debut B6 delivers an incredible sound and the bass can easily be described as great. 

When listening to these speakers users will notice how bright and clear the sound is, offering a huge advance over the Pioneer’s SP BS22-LR bookshelf speakers. Those speakers are delivering a cloudier and softer, as well as miniaturized sound.  Well, if in terms of performance the new device seems to be great, it is expected to be a success on the market. 

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