Eero, a little white box that wants to change Wi-Fi forever

When it comes to Wi-Fi networks, the most popular brands among consumers are: D-Ling, Linksys and Belkin. Unfortunately, no matter what brand you choose, after you connect your wireless adapter in your home, it can quickly turn into an unhappy experience. This experience can be quite frustrating and can test the user’s patience. If the house is made out of long hallways and the walls are made from bricks, than the Wi-Fi network will start having dead zones in some of the rooms, unintelligible passwords or buffering. This is where people should meet Eero.

Eero is designed to help people to prepare for a world of 4K streaming. We are living in a world where several devices are connected simultaneously to a Wi-Fi connection for 24 hours a day. Eero is probably one of the best looking routers on the market and promises to deliver reliable connectivity in every single room and space in our home. It is available for pre-order, starting this week, for 125 dollars but, the shipping begins this summer. If you are living in a big house, than three is the magic number for Eero, that’s why the company offers a three-pack for 299 dollars. People may think that this price is too expensive but, isn’t it worth 300 dollars for saying goodbye to YouTube or Netflix interruptions?

Nick Weaver, the Eero CEO and co-founder said that “for the first time, your home Wi-Fi isn’t going to be a black box.” “You’ll always know exactly what’s going on: which devices are using your network, how much bandwidth those device are using, and how your Internet service is performing.”  To be compatible with other wireless devices, such as laptops or single-radio extenders, “Eero nodes each have two radios – one for communicating with iPhones, laptops, and other devices and one for communicating with the other Eeros that make up your network. Depending on the current network conditions, Eeros will automatically tune their radios between the 2.4 and 5GHz frequency bands to avoid interference,” a statement said.  

Nowadays, almost every single home features a Wi-Fi connection and it is vital for people’s web browsing, Netflix, Xbox Live gaming, Spotify or connected thermostats. Eero promises to provide a good internet connection without buffering or dead zones.

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