Duran Duran Cancels Tour

Fans had a lot of hopes for the Duran Duran North American tour, but it looks like the band was struck by bad luck. Duran Duran had to cancel the tour over their keyboard player’s illness.

The band had called off concerts in Pittsburgh, Kettering, Chicago and in Atlantic City over the past week hoping it would give keyboardist Nick Rhodes enough time to recover. But their keyboardist didn’t get any better and Duran Duran was forced to cancel the rest of their tour through North America.

The Duran Duran website reads that due to their keyboardist’s illnesses the previous canceled shows will not be rescheduled, while the rest half-dozen concerts remained in the tour will be canceled too. Duran Duran says that keyboard player Nick Rhodes is suffering either from exhaustion or from a possible viral infection.

Duran Duran members said they are “devastated” they had to cancel the rest of their North American tour, which they described to be “triumphant”. The British band added the tour had “many highlights” and are disappointed it “ended this way” just as much as their fans.

“Nick held out all week, hoping that he would be well enough to perform again for these final few shows” reads the band’s statement. “…unfortunately the medical advice he has been given today requires him to continue to rest” Duran Duran writes on their website.

Another similar message on the Duran Duran website reads: “Rhodes who has been unwell now for over a week was advised by doctors today that he is not yet ready to perform”.

On Sunday, after Duran Duran had to cancel all the gigs of the past week, as well as the concert in Pittsburg, the 50-year-old keyboard player said: “I feel completely helpless over the situation and all I can do is apologize to our fans”.

Duran Duran also took a break from their tour earlier this month to perform at the Olympic Games in London. Their concert opened the games at London’s Hyde Park where they took their fans and guests by surprise with a performance of their most popular hits.

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