Dr. Conrad Murray receives maximum sentence

Michael Jackson fans are overjoyed, as Dr. Conrad Murray, the man who officially killed the King of Pop, receives the maximum sentence: four years in prison. More than that, the doctor could lose his medical license, as well.

Today, Dr. Conrad Murray presented himself in front of a judge to receive his sentence. During his trial, it was established that he was indeed guilty of Michael Jackson’s death and the jury reached the verdict of involuntary manslaughter. Judge Michael E. Pastor denied the defense lawyer’s request for probation. The arguments brought by the lawyer were rejected by the judge, one by one. One of them was that the Los Angeles jail is overcrowded and the defendants that do not pose a danger to themselves or to society are being released. “Dr. Murray is clearly such a defendant”, said lawyer Nareg Gourjian. But judge Pastor thought otherwise. Murray “is and remains dangerous” said the judge, who gave him the maximum sentence possible in his case. The former physician will spend 4 years behind bars.

Last week, while the defense lawyer Nareg Gourjian was asking for probation, prosecutors David Walgren and Deborah Brazil urged the judge to give Murray the maximum sentence. Michael Jackson’s mother says that four years in jail was the sentence she had hoped for. However, she believes that it was not Fr. Murray’s intention to kill her son, but he was rather gambling with his life. “I don’t believe that he intended for Michael to die. He was just taking a chance”, she told reporters.

Michael Jackson passed away on June 29, 2009 as a result of drug intoxication. His personal doctor, Conrad Murray, has administered him a very dangerous anesthetic called propofol, which is used only in hospitals, under close medical supervision. He injected Jackson the drug while at the pop star’s home and made a fatal mistake. As judge Pastor said, “Dr. Murray abandoned his patient.”

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