Doug Hutchinson shows off minor wife

Actor Doug Hutchinson and his minor wife Courtney Stodden were spotted on Los Angeles holding hands and just … walking. But no, this was no ordinary couple walk. Behind them there was Courtney’s mother, Krista Stodden, following their every move, Us Magazine reports.

Doug Hutchinson, whom you may know best for his role in “Green Mile” is happily married. His wife, Courtney Stodden is only 16 years old. And just to clear one thing out, he is 51, so there is an age difference of 35 years. They tied the knot in May, after they both asked for her parents’ approval. Well, they kind of had no choice, anyway. Since she was a minor, her tutors had to agree with the wedding.

Hutchinson has a very nice father-in-law and a very caring mother-in-law. He told God Morning America earlier this month that he wanted to be in the best terms possible to Courtney’s parents, given the situation. “I said [that] if you and [Courtney’s father] have any misgivings whatsoever about this, if you are uncomfortable with it, I will respect you, and Courtney will respect you, and we will step back.” Not only that mother Krista and father Alex gave their parental consent, but it was in fact Krista who suggested they got married in a state that allows that.

Doug Hutchinson met aspiring actress Courtney Stodden online and they developed a relationship really fast. He had no idea she was a minor when it all started. But being caught up in the game already and falling for her deeply has made the actor take a huge chance. Marrying a 16-year-old at his age wasn’t welcomed by the media. He was criticized for his decision and more than that, his own mother said she didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. But Hutchinson was prepared for such reactions. “We knew we were gonna have to weather the repercussions of our decision and our union. This is just the beginning. It brought us closer together”, he says.

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  1. At first I was disbelief. Now I’m starting to feel sorry for her.
    There are many nasty comments hurled against her. She would look so much better without the heavy makeup and exaggerated facial expressions. She should also lose the stripper wardrobe and drag queen walk. I bet you she’s beautiful naturally.

  2. I think in general she could be a nice person, but she’s misrepresenting herself. Like what the videos say, who knows she might have an “old soul”, mature for her age, or whatever it is, but the way she dresses and puts her makeup on is a bit too much for her age. When I was 12, I did play around and dolled myself up to look like an adult, but everyone always told me if I wore too much makeup, or if my dress was too revealing, or if it gave the wrong impression to others.

    And I’m not sure about her love for the 51 year-old man. Some teenage girls do have father complex and they like the company of older men. Especially because they mature faster than guys, they usually get bored of guys their own age. But once she gets older and realizes her partner will turn 60 even before she reaches 30, she might be worried about what happens in the long run. My math teacher married a man only 13 years apart, even that he died a lot earlier than she expected.

    I don’t have any particular judgment on that girl. I know nobody’s perfect. Neither am I. But really, if big decisions are made too prematurely, it’s gonna be hard to get out once things are really fixed and she might not want it anymore. I hope everything’s gonna be fine.

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