Diet Glasses, The New Way To Lose Weight?

Right next to worrying about making the rent, one of the most common concerns for people today is losing weight. There are literally countless versions of diets that all promise success in losing a few pounds. But here’s a new and unusual way to lose weight: the diet glasses.

Have you ever imagined that you’d be able to lose weight only by re-adjusting your perception of food? Well, researchers with Tokyo University developed a pair of goggles that make you see the food bigger than it really is. The device is based on an algorithm that magnifies the size of food.

It might look pretty unusual, but to be fair there’s weirder solutions to losing weight. Plus, it seems that the diet glasses actually work. According to a report published by AFP, an experiment showed that people using the goggles ate 10 percent fewer cookies when the cookies were magnified by 50 percent. At the same time, people in the experiment ate 15 percent more cookies when the glasses made the cookie appear two thirds of the real size.

Michitaka Hirose is the man that engineered the diet glasses. He explains in a YouTube video: “There is this idea that depending on whether the size or portions are big and small, the amount of food people consume changes. Thus, the idea of testing the concept through the use of computers was developed.

The diet goggles carry a camera that runs the image of whatever food you see in front of yourself to a computer. The software then lets scientists magnify or shrink the food. Your brain and senses are fooled in believing you are actually eating a giant Oreo or a very tiny slice of pizza.

In an interview with JRT, Michitaka Hirose said that the experiment with the diet glasses gave researchers the data “to show that the body can be led to feel artificially full – even by a small portion – based on what your eyes see”.

For the moment the diet glasses look pretty chunky and aren’t exactly the accessories you can easily match at a business lunch or in a fancy restaurant. It might take a few years for the technology to be fitted for the fashion craze, but the fact is with diet goggles you’d be able to keep track with portion control without feeling hungry.

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