Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas Bond on And So It Goes Movie Set

Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas have worked together for the first time on the set of the movie And So It Goes. Apparently, the two actors have a bond now, making a great pair in this movie. 

The two Hollywood icons play in this movie the role of a pair that seems very unlikely to find love at this point in their life. Well, Diane and Michael got along extremely well on the set of the new movie, thing which was very simple to see in their latest interview. “I guess because we felt like we knew each other. At least that’s what I did. I felt like I knew you because I’ve seen so many movies ,” Douglas said in this interview with FOX411. 

“I’m a kind of a dark squirrely guy, you know, like unpredictable so you don’t have that benefit. I had that benefit. You’re just warm and embracing and I feel like I know you,” Douglas went on to explain. The two actors were also asked about what they think about the plot of the new movie. 

“I think whenever you fall in love it’s a brand new experience and you can’t believe that you’re in that situation again or that you feel that way,” Diane Keaton explained. “So I think it’s always new and that’s what’s so great about love, falling in love “love,” not the kind of love I feel for Michael which is a love of friendship, and kindness, and generosity…,” the famous actress added. 

The two actors agreed that it may be simpler to find love when you are younger, but as you grow older, it is more unexpected to fall in love, so this is what makes it even more magical. The two actors seemed to get along very well, they joked with each other and seemed very confident in what they achieved with their roles in the new movie. 

In fact, the performances of these Hollywood icons make And So It Goes one of the most expected movies of the year. It is yet to see how great the movie is, once it will be released.

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