Diablo 3 beta box image suggests close release date

Blizzard Entertainment uploaded a Diablo 3 beta box-art image over the weekend, thus suggesting that the release date is very close. The game is one of the most expected launches this year, VentureBeat reports.

Diablo 3 comes 11 years after the release of the latest version of Diablo, in 2000. Mike Morhaime, the chief executive of Blizzard Entertainment stated that the company plans to release in late summer – early fall an external version of Diablo 3 beta. Not only that, but it also plans a press tour for the game during August. Morhaime announced that the game is set to be released in the fourth quarter of this year, but did not give more specific details. However, the company representatives announced last Thursday that a localized version of the game will be available in Brazil before September 30.

M2 research senior analyst Billy Pidgeon believes the company has no reason to wait too long to release Diablo 3. “There’s plenty of excitement for World of Warcraft, unless they want to hold it back and polish it further I don’t see a reason for them to hold back on releasing it”, he told VentureBeat.

Blizzard Entertainment made its first public announcement about the Diablo 3 game in 2008, at its convention, Blizzcon. Since then, it has unveiled new information about the game, like a new player class, at each convention.

The Diablo games are focused on a team of players (from two to eight) that fight against the forces of Hell in randomly generated dungeons, in order to stop Diablo, the lord of the darkness, to take over the world.

The Diablo franchise is not the top product of the company. Blizzard Entertainment can brag about its most successful game worldwide, World of Warcraft, followed closely by Starcraft. The latest release in the sector is Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. However, this does not stop millions of Diablo fans to get passionate about one of the most popular games in the world.

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  1. Wish they’d hurry up and release it, been hanging out for this game for about a decade! Plus the last WoW patch nerfed 3 of my classes into the ground so I refused to renew my subby, can’t play starcraft because I there’s no LAN and so I refused to buy it – D3 will have the same lack of LAN support, but it’s diablo, not SC, so it’s tolerable. xD

  2. I became too old to have fun with diablo 3 now. I’ve been waiting far too long..

    Seriously, Blizzard is taking too much time. While “trying” to make a game “perfect,” a 20 year old, who has been eager for a sequel, turns 30 and just loses his interest.

    It would be interesting to see a person playing diablo 4 at the age of 40 and diablo 5 at 50.

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