Denon HEOS 1, has outdoor options

It’s obvious that in the last two or three years the wireless multiroom systems on the market have been tripled by number. There are many famous companies, like Bosse and Sonos, that have offered incredible products with great features, but it looks like Denon is the first company that comes with something different: Denon HEOS 1.

Available at the price of 199 dollars, Denon HEOS 1 is coming with a Wi-Fi streaming of user’s own music library or a larger variety of music services. Moreover, customers could pay an extra 99 dollars and opt for the HEOS 1Go Pack, which comes with incredible features. This device has a 6-hour portable battery, all-important Bluetooth capabilities and a splashproof guard for the ports.

Denon HEOS 1 has an incredible design and build quality, and the sound is amazing. This is one of the most incredible portable speakers on its price range market. However, Sonos Play:1 is one step ahead Denon with its streaming service support. To be mentioned that Sonos is offering Pandora, a music service that HEOS doesn’t have and that could be frustrating to some owners. However, Denon has some features that makes it one of the best portable speakers on the market. 

Denon HEOS 1 is a compact 8-inch-tall speaker that features an incredible build quality. This portable speaker is available in two colors: white and black. As for its design, Denon HEOS 1 is more stylish than any other portable Bluetooth speaker on the market. Users will find on the top of the speaker three controls: mute, volume up and volume down. For playing music, users will have to use a separate device, like a smartphone, tablet or laptop, as a controller. Probably, the lack of a play button is a little inconvenient. 

At the back of the Denon HEOS 1, users will find an aux input, Ethernet input and a USB port. To be added that the USB has dual uses: it can be used to connect the optional Bluetooth adapter or to power and play back from another device. To be mentioned that this portable speaker will not play anything that’s higher than CD quality.

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